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Reinhard Dischner

Manager, doer, human. That is Reinhard Dischner in a nutshell. Widely travelled, cosmopolitan, with a pronounced knack for people, product and process, Reinhard Dischner has written company history as a top manager over the past decades.

He is a visionary manager and a passionate doer. But there is one thing in particular that distinguishes him: Being human.

"Anyone who has the chance to bring Mr. Dischner on stage into the company should not miss it." (Josua Laufer, expertenportal)

Manager | Doer | Human

Reinhard Dischner - Speaker

Humility is a key to entrepreneurial success and personal happiness.

If you stop talking, you take the air out of your conversation partner.



If you think it's unthinkable, your thought already proves you are wrong.

Every person needs air to breathe and space to develop - this also applies to every employee.

Being aware of one's limits is a sign of humility

Empower your team and you will get back many times over.

When no one is in the comfort zone any more, it leads to chaos.

A good shepherd smells like sheep - and a good manager?

Make mistakes as a team - but don't immediately put the culprit up against the wall.

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Business is always welcome!

Every difference makes a difference!

Team success also includes team failure.

If you think you are better than the others, then that is already the wrong approach.

Humility is a key to success: professionally and privately!

"The fish always stinks first at the head" - if one can smell that, then one should do something about it!

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If someone tells you "time is money", stop the hustle, get out of the grind, time is life!

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Topics & Talks

Focus or vision, agility or values, communication or announcement, motivation or depression, generation XYZ or "it's always been like this". These are all areas of tension in which Reinhard Dischner feels at home.

A suit does not make a manager

 Solution approaches for employees, managers and future customers.

Reinhard Dischner knows from his own experience that Casual Friday is long outdated. The Fridays for Future Generation, a new generation of employees, managers and customers are punishing old behaviour patterns. Generation clash, culture clash preprogrammed! Everything is being called into question, including established management. Reinhard Dischner shows with enjoyable examples how to turn this area of tension into a win-win situation: professionally and privately. The focus is on topics such as employee leadership, team culture, value standards or communication. Don't worry, there is no dress code for this keynote.

Every difference makes a difference

What makes the difference for employees, managers and customers to be successful?

What you can learn from the wiggle dodger and the crocheted toilet paper roll decoration on the hat rack in the car. Reinhard Dischner makes us think with unusual metaphors. He challenges, he provokes. But he also offers solutions for employees, managers and customers. Get to know Reinhard Dischner as a manager who cuts the fat with laser-sharp precision. Get to know the doer who doesn't just talk, but knows how and where to tackle. And get to know Reinhard Dischner as the person who always goes one step deeper, gets to the bottom of things and gives everything a human component. Reinhard Dischner makes the difference for your company and for you personally.

Happpy - with three `p`

A guide not only to business success, but to happiness as an entrepreneur, leader or employee.

In this keynote, Reinhard Dischner presents a model for success that helps clients, employees and managers to master their everyday professional life - wrong! - to love it! Using practical examples, Reinhard Dischner shows approaches for experiencing your professional life in a new way, for turning a team into a high-performance team, for making responsibility feel easy and for achieving company goals without the need for pressure. Caution: This lecture can have a lasting effect on the happiness of your employees and as a consequence on the success of the company.


The Manager-Doer-Human Principle

As the son of an entrepreneur, Reinhard Dischner (born 1968) has also inherited this gene. After studying economics in Germany and Spain, he began his career as the youngest trainee and then business manager at Peek&Cloppenburg. He made the leap to international terrain at GAP Inc. in the USA. He enjoyed further education at Columbia University, NYC (USA) and at IMD in Lausanne (CH).

He was able to bring people, product and process excellence to PUMA for more than 18 years in top management and turn it into a legendary success story: As "General Manager of the cool stuff", so to speak SportStyle, he managed to expand his area of responsibility from under one to almost 4 billion and to lead a multicultural, global team in all core markets: From America to Europe/Africa to the Far East.

He likes to call himself "glocal" (a fusion of global and local) and has no problem with being called "value conservative". Reinhard Dischner has always managed to stay true to his values, even and especially when it was the more difficult path. He impresses with his vision, his will to assert himself and his resilience, shines with his analytical thinking and always manages to inspire people for his vision

As a father of two boys, he has experienced the generational leap from baby boomers to generations XYZ live and knows what he is talking about - professionally and privately.

As a private equity advisor and professional keynote speaker, Reinhard Dischner loves to share his expertise with a wider audience.


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Manager | Doer | Human

Reinhard Dischner - Keynote Speaker

Reinhard Dischner inspires and excites as a manager, as a doer and also as a human.

References & opinions

M. Wicker Oxfam

He is a great leader with a lot of business experience, he pushes people forward with his drive and his open and honest feedback.

Philippe Bocquillion General Manager, China

Reinhard is a real team leader with a strong business sense.

Melanie Deschutyner Senior Head of Product, Deutschland

Very inspiring leader ...You pushed the entire company... we would not be where we are right now without you.

David Thompson Impact & Influence , UK

Reinhard brings a combination of energy, enthusiasm and experience to engage and excite. He encourages people to experiment and challenge themselves. He helps people see how making the right changes can deliver lasting results.

O. Lorans VP Deckers, China

Reinhard .... He doesn't impose anything on people, rather he invites them on a journey....

Stefan Opitz Deutschland

In-depth expert knowledge and humanity are Reinhard's greatest superpowers.

Katha Dixon Marketing Expert, Deutschland

Great mentor...Your transparency is one of your strengths in communicating.

Heiko Desens Global Creative Director, Deutschland

We learnt to openly communicate without a filter.

Maria Valdes Vazques CPO, Spanien

Extremely passionate, extremely've put in front of us a great vision to push into new boundaries.

Josua Laufer COO Scherer

Reinhard Dischner inspires on all levels: From his experience to his know-how to his stories. In doing so, he sets impulses that are decisive for today's corporate success.

Andrea Rogg VP Global GM

Very experienced leader strongly oriented to results and people management.

Eddie Miyoshi CEO; L.A., USA

A leader with a detailed perspective as a visionary and integrator Reinhard is a man with the ability to drive opportunity and progress to any business.

Raphael Ackermann Directeur industriel, DUBOIS DEPRAZ SA, CH

RD is quick to put situations in perspective, helping sequencing problems to build tailor made solutions.

Emanuel Kriegel International Leadership Development Consultant

One of the most inspiring, committed, experienced leader I ever had to interact with ... A fast thinker and presenter, Reinhard has a great way to apprehend innovation and new ideas. He embodies the type of leaders the business world is increasingly looking for in those times of disruption.

Tracey Goodsmith Head of Design, Lacoste, Paris

Reinhard's ability to bring large audiences together to unite towards common goals is seen through his dynamic presentations. He inspires others with his limitless energy and passion to bring teams and brands to new heights.

Manager | Doer | Human

Reinhard Dischner - Keynote Speaker

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